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Our hydroponics shop in Northern Ireland supplies many high quality products such as: Hydroponics - Aeroponics Systems, Pumps, Trays, Pots, Rockwool, Soil mixes, Tents, Propagators, Ducting, Extractor Fans, Fan Controllers, Ballasts, All types of Lights and Nutrients, include Organic Nutrients, Fertilizers and Boosters. We can answer your questions and help you learn more about Hydroponics!

Featured products

Grow Light Kit

The LUMii Digital Dimmable Ballast is a fully electronic ballast . This technology is micro-processo...
Availability: 2 in stock

Bluelab Truncheon Nutrient Meter

The World’s favorite conductivity meter. Simply brilliant, brilliantly simple! It is essential when...
Availability: 12 in stock

LightHouse MAX 1.2m² x 2m

The LightHouse MAX is the premium tent, for the grower who wants no compromises. It offers a durable...
Availability: 11 in stock

Canna Coco A+B

Specially developed for growing in COCO. Very easy to use, dissolves directly and is extremely suit...
From €17.49

Automatic Powder Extinguisher

Safe for use on electrical equipment!Maximum cover area 1kg- provides protection for 1.m2 of floor...
Availability: 2 in stock
€33.82 €22.16

40 site X-Stream Propagator

The X-Stream is an aeroponic cuttings propagator. Cuttings are placed in neoprene clone collars i...
Availability: 1 in stock

Rhizotonic 10 Litres

The world's purest and most powerful organic "stress reliever" which stimulates extremely fast root ...
Availability: 2 in stock
€274.08 €256.59

Sensi Bloom A+B PH Perfect

Give Your Plants Reliable Full-Bloom Nutrition! PH Perfect Technology. Sensi Bloom A+B /PH Perfect f...
From €26.82

Sensi Grow A+B PH Perfect

Sensi Grow 2 parts Base Nutrients give you Green and Healthy plants in grow stage. With PH Perfect T...
From €26.82

Clonex Rooting Hormone

The ultimate rooting compound – used by growers around the world. CLONEX is a high performance formu...
Availability: 14 in stock


When your plant reaches the peak of it's flowering phase it naturally will start to rapidly decline....
From €29.16

Jungle Juice Grow 4 Litres A+B

Availability: 2 in stock
€75.81 €38.49

The Enhancer -CO2

The Enhancer product is made from all natural , 100% organic ingredients which when activated create...
Availability: 43 in stock
€34.99 €22.16


Removes Tars/Resins from Tools/Clean Hands and Surfaces 30 Pre-moistened Cleaning Wipes.
Availability: 5 in stock
€16.33 €8.16

Clay- Hydro Rokz

Hydro grains are made of pure and salt-free baked clay. They contain a very low concentration of ele...
Availability: 9 in stock
Most Popular Products

Great White 113.4 grams (4 oz)

Most complete mycorrhizal product on the market.Users should look for explosive root growth, increas...
Availability: 2 in stock

Clonex Rooting Hormone

The ultimate rooting compound – used by growers around the world. CLONEX is a high performance formu...
Availability: 14 in stock

Sunmaster-Dual Spectrum

ONE LAMP-FOR THE COMPLETE GROWING CYCLE You can deliver blue and red light spectrum to your plants ...
Availability: 5 in stock