Gold label Hydro/Coco 60/40

Why we’re Coco about 60/40

There’s no doubt about it, we are a nation of coco lovers. But what if we are missing a trick? What if we could have all the benefits of coco… And more!

Gold Label 60/40 is a perfect mix of 40% premium RHP certified Coco and 60% mixed shape clay pebbles. This careful balance protects against drying out, oxygen starvation, clumping and compacting. Providing a top-quality rooting environment.

RHP certified coco… So what?

Only mature woody coconut husks are selected for this mix, guaranteeing premium quality and even moisture distribution.

-Trichoderma rich – protects against pathogens

-Holds 8-10 x weight in water - as a buffer between feeds

-Fluffy, light texture – for excellent air to water ratio

-Clean – no fillers, no ground contact during production

-Lab certified - every batch is the same, grow after grow

-pH stable

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