Advanced Nutrients

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Sensi Coco Bloom A + B

These class-leading base nutrients were the result of over 109 man-hours of research by internationa...
From £23.00

Voodoo Juice 1Litre

Get To The Root Of The matter. In So many gardens, the roots are forgotten, hidden away underground...
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Big Bud

Big Bud have outstanding Bud Boosting Formula! Great results!Big Bud liquid provides the essential e...
From £12.50

Bud Candy

Bud Candy provides your plants with an essential secondary plant nutrient which serves to activate m...
From £14.00

Iguana Juice Bloom Organic

Iguana Juice Bloom is a one-part, all organic bloom base that work in all types of hydroponics syste...
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Iguana Juice Grow Organic

All-organic grow base that give you high value Plants.Take mother nature all the way! Designed to us...
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This Is Your Best Choice For An All-Natural Flower Boost. Organic Soluble Potash.Designed to use wi...
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Sensi Bloom A+B PH Perfect

Give Your Plants Reliable Full-Bloom Nutrition! PH Perfect Technology. Sensi Bloom A+B /PH Perfect f...
From £23.00