Dry Fertilizers

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Calcium Kick 5 kg

Calcium Kick is a pH regulator that increases the pH value to the ideal level of 5.5 - 6.5. Calcium ...
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Great White 113.4 grams (4 oz)

Most complete mycorrhizal product on the market.Users should look for explosive root growth, increas...
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Guanokalong Natural Bat Dung 1kg

Guanokalong powdered bat dung soil Fertilizer is an excellent organic bat manure for use in organic ...
Availability: 8 in stock

Mega Worm 5 L / 2,8 kg

Mega Worm is a natural soil improver based on composted plant remains. It creates optimum balance in...
Availability: 6 in stock

Palm tree ashes 1 Litre

Originates from the Indonesian island Sumatra. The ashes contain a high quantity of potassium, some ...
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Ecothrive Charge

Ecothrive Charge is a 100% naturally-produced potting soil enhancer that confers a whole host of bio...
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