Grotek Bud Fuel 1 Litre

Bud Fuel is an organic-based flowering supplement for use on all annual flowers, vegetables, herbs, containers and hanging baskets. Use as part of a regular fertilizer program. Begin adding Bud Fuel 7-10 days prior to flower development to encourage a flowering response. Continue to use throughout flowering. Stop using 1-2 weeks before harvest.
Manufacturer: Grotek
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Hydroponics: Mix in 10 ml of Bud Fuel per 4 L (2 tsp /1 gal) of fertilizer solution in your reservoir. Continue to use Bud Fuel every time the fertilizer solution is changed.

Soil: Mix 15 ml of Bud Fuel per 4 L (1 tbsp /1 gal) of fertilizer solution. Water each plant with the mixture. Continue to use Bud Fuel with every nutrient feeding.

Guaranteed Minimum Analysis:

Soluble Potash...........2%

Organic Matter.........15%