Hydro Systems

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Gro Tank 205 NFT

Kit include: PH down, PH tester, Spreader mat, Water pump.
Availability: 5 in stock

OXY Pot - DWC Boxed Kit

Full OxyPot kit include : 1 x 19L Outer Pot / 1 x Lid including Access Cap / 1 x Basket / 1 x ...
Availability: 2 in stock

Oxy Pot XL

One of the simplest introductions to hydroponics available. Oxypot DWC (Deep Water Culture) syste...
Availability: 3 in stock

Spreader Mat 100 FT

Ideal for NFT systems.
Availability: 2 in stock

AutoPot 2 Pot System with reservoir

Each pot is 15 litres and nutrient tank is 47 litres. The AutoPot System is extremely versatile and...
Availability: 2 in stock