Kalong grow 1 Litre

NK: 6-3: Organic growth fertilizer liquid can be used in soil and coco. Immediate release for controlled cultivation. Organic contents ensure controlled long release of nutrients. Stimulates present micro life in substrate. Non-aggresive for roots due to low salt index. Only contains products annex 2 (EEG) nr. 2092/91 organic productions.
Manufacturer: Guanokalong
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Shake well before use. Mix 50 g Guanokalong powder per plant in 7 liters of soil or use Guanokalong all mix soil + guano. 

18 hours - 1-2 ml/L.

12 hours - 1-2 ml/L. first 2 weeks.

Avoid drainage problem by cleaning system with clear water.Exact dose subject to available nutrients in medium. Store between 5 and 25 degrees Celcius.