LightHouse MAX 1.2m² x 2m

The LightHouse MAX is the premium tent, for the grower who wants no compromises. It offers a durable, heavy-duty frame that incorporates metal corners, the thickest, strongest poles on the market and multiple choices of ducting and cable glands all with double seals. It is made of a new reflective material called UltraLux, offering up to 30% higher reflectivity and also has Tivax zips that provide a quality seal when closed. There are 7 tents in the MAX range. The MAX 1.2m² has 25mm poles, 2 inline 300mm (12”) socks for use with air-cooled lighting, 2 100mm (4”) cable glands, 3 passive air fine (anti-mite) mesh vents at the base with light-proof covers for when they are not in use, 2 side doors for easy access and 4 filter straps.
Manufacturer: Lighthouse
Delivery date: 1-3 days

-Heavy duty Tri Layer 600 Denier material with the special LightHouse® UltraLux reflective liner

-Quality Tivax double lined zips that are easy-to-use with no snagging and offering good light-proofing

-Frame - 22mm or 25mm steel poles with welded metal corners - offering ultimate strength and durability 

-All outlets for air and cables are double lined and light tight with pull toggles on each lining

-All larger air out socks benefit from outer attachable Velcro covers to stop light when not in use

-Roof poles with rubber ends for strong grip

-One piece waterproof insert tray -Velcro handy straps for securing cables and wires

-Door clips on all doors for fastening when open