Maxibright Daylight LED 1030W Pro


These fixtures boast a full spectrum of light with a fixture efficiency of 2.7 μmol/J and total output (PPF) of 2781 μmol/s

Featuring 10 x LED clip-on bars, and packed with all of the features of the datlight 660W LED PRO fixture, including remote dimming, iLink compatibility, high-efficiency diodes, and silent operation.

10 bar system – Gives highly uniform coverage (PPFD) across the canopy. Ideal for areas up to 1.8m x 1.8m

Full-spectrum: Full-bodied, enhanced red spectrum improves plant growth and flowers.

Silent running: No fans or moving parts.

Remote dimmer included: 25%-50%-75%-100% power.

Manufacturer: Maxibright
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